How it Works

It’s quite simple really.
You want to simply park your vehicle, get on your flight and not have to worry about its safety.
We want to help you with that so you have one less thing to worry about.

So here’s how it’s works.


  1. You deliver your car to Airpark Canterbury, 17-25 Logistics Drive, Harewood (behind the Press building). Our friendly staff will assist you to park your vehicle in one of the 620 marked spaces. A mobility card will allow you a park close to reception.
  2. If you haven’t paid online, and remember we will give you a discount if you do, our staff will take your payment at this point.
  3. Your luggage will then be loaded into our air-conditioned Mercedes vans and then you and your luggage will be delivered right outside the International Terminal exit. This is where we will collect you on your return.


  1. Collect your luggage and make your way to the International Arrivals door number 9. Near the far exit doors you will find our sign directing you to our free phone. Dial 25 to be connected to the Airpark Canterbury 24-hour office.
  2. Airpark Canterbury reception staff will dispatch a shuttle and within 5 minutes we will be at the International Terminal exit, where you and your luggage are waiting to be delivered back to your car.


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