Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find you?

From North:
Drive on Johns Road. At Sawyers Arms Road roundabout turn right. Take the second left into Logistics Drive. We are down the road to your right.

From South:
Drive on Russley Road, past the airport. At McLeans Island Road turn left. Take the first right into Logistics Drive. We are down the road to your left.

How long before my check in time should I arrive at your facility?
Please allow for a sufficient amount of time prior to the required check-in time of your flight. For peace of mind we recommend you allow 15 to 20 minutes for parking car, checking-in and paying if necessary, loading luggage in vans and transfer to the airport. Our shuttles run on demand as required.

How far away from the Airport are you?
We are located on 17 – 21 Logistics Drive, behind the Press Building. It takes 4 minutes to drive from our premises to the Airport Terminal.

How do I get from your premise to the airport and back again?
Our complimentary shuttles will transfer you to and from the Airport Terminal.

Will you be waiting for me when I get back?
Our shuttles will pick you up from the International Departure Terminal entrance. Exit through the double doors and we will pick you up from there.

How do you work out what the charge will be?
For your convenience we have included a parking calculator  on this site which automatically calculates your parking charges depending on your length of stay.

How can I pay for your service?
We have a range of payment methods including Cash, Direct Banking (A2A), EFTPOS, ATS Card, AMEX, Rural Co, Wrightson Visa, MasterCard, regular Visa and Farmlands.

There are 6 of us travelling; do I need to drop them at the terminal first?
No, it isn’t necessary, we can transfer you all. Just let us know the number of people in your travel party when you make the booking so that we can accommodate you.

Will you allow my pet to travel from your premise to the terminal with me?
Yes, provided the animal is correctly caged we can transport your animal to the airport. Service animals do not need not be caged.

Do you have child safety seats?
We have child safety seats to cater to legal requirements. Let us know what kind of safety seats and how many are required at the time of booking.

How can I check in at your premise?
It couldn’t be easier – our friendly staff will take your booking across the counter, so come straight into the office and we’ll sort you out.

What days are you open and what are your hours of operation?
We are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Do you provide additional services?
Yes, we have a list of services that we provide including vehicle grooming and maintenance.

What insurance cover do I have while my vehicle is park on your premises?
The customers’ own insurance policies will normally cover the vehicle while it is parked at Airpark Canterbury. We do not have insurance to cover customers’ vehicles.

Do we take vehicle keys?
You keep your keys, unless you have arranged one of the additional services. We may require access to your car.

Do I need to make a booking or can I just turn up?
We encourage customers to book either on our website or by telephone to ensure peace of mind and minimise any delays in transporting you to the airport.


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