How To Prebook Christchurch Airport Parking

June 28, 2014

Whether you’re planning international or domestic travel, having to organise parking and

transportation can be a pain. It’s best to organise as much as possible well ahead of schedule, so

that on the day you can simply show up and have everything ready for you. Parking services can also

get quite busy during peak seasons, so pre-booking is a good way to ensure you can use the most

convenient and cost-effective service.


The good news is, it’s extremely easy to book online. The Airpark Canterbury website offers a

booking page that automatically calculates your total so you can see how much it will be up front.

You’ll need to provide the following details:


• Name and contact information

• Vehicle model and registration information

• Departure and arrival date

• Departure and arrival flight number and times


All this information will help the staff at Airpark Canterbury prepare for your arrival and have

everything ready to ensure you get to the airport well in time for your flight. We also have other

booking methods including phone and email if you need more information or have enquiries that

aren’t addressed on the booking page.

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