Dealing With Luggage And Christchurch Airport Parking

July 25, 2014

Luggage is one of the major headaches with any form of travel. Although it’s fairly easy to deal

with once you’re inside the terminal and checking in, getting it there is the hard part. Heavy and

cumbersome, it’s a definite consideration when deciding on your parking solution. Fortunately,

Airpark Canterbury offers a convenient solution, by providing a courtesy van absolutely free of

charge with all parking bookings. Our van will take you right to whichever terminal you need. It’s a

spacious vehicle with plenty of space to put large suitcases.


To ensure you get there on time, it’s important to let us know if you have any oddly shaped items

or other situations such as transporting animals. We can make arrangements for these, but require

notice ahead of schedule. On the trip back, there’s a phone inside the airport building that can be

used for free to contact us, and the van will come and pick you and all your luggage up from the

terminal as well.

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