Airport Luggage Checklist

March 25, 2014

When doing any kind of travel, one of the most stressful things is keeping a mental checklist of everything that needs doing, checking, packing and double checking. That’s why it’s best to have an actual physical list in front of you, to keep your thoughts in order and to prevent yourself from leaving anything out. There are many different components ranging from usable items to documentation that all need to be accounted for, and if you find yourself missing something the results can be anything from problematic to disastrous. For this reason we’ve compiled a list to help you get everything sorted with plenty of time.

  • Passport and travel documents. Everyone believes they’ll remember all of these because they’re so important, but in fact it’s this expectation that can make them easy to overlook. A good solution is to get a passport holder or travel wallet and put all your essential documentation into one place. That way you just have to ensure you have one object that you can slip into a bag you plan to carry with you the whole time.
  • Transportation to and from the airport. The logistical aspect of luggage is that you need a way to get it to and from the airport itself. With numerous heavy suitcases and bags, getting everything to the airport in a timely manner can be a stress in itself, especially with parking to consider. Some parks are far away from the terminal and require a long walk, however services like Airpark Canterbury give you an inexpensive place to park and provide a complementary shuttle service to transport you and your belongings without stress.
  • Comfort items. When making a long journey in particular, just a few basic items can make your trip much more comfortable and bearable. These include small snacks (though nothing that will make you feel too full or bloated), occupations like books and tablets, communication devices such as a cell phone with a wall charger you can use in case you run out of battery in an emergency, as well as adapters for the country or countries you are visiting. These may not be necessities, but they can help reduce stress and make travel more enjoyable.

Keep a strict checklist of items you need to take with you when travelling, and make sure you’ve made adequate preparations for luggage transportation to and from the airport.

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